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Yinlips Replaces YDPG18A with… wait for it… the YDPG19!

And people think Nintendo updates the DS series a bit too often… Amateurs!

Yinlips have updated their flagship Android gaming handheld. Following on the heels of their recently upgraded YDPG17, they have announced an upgrade to their 5″ offering, the new YDPG19.

Yinlips YDPG19 Render - Black case

The G19 shares a lot of specs with its predecessor  the G18A, in that it is an Android powered game tablet with a 5″  five-point capacitive multi touch screen at 800 x 480 pixels, 4 GB of internal memory, a Micro-SD slot supporting up to 32 GB on a flash card, a front-facing .3 MP camera, a rear-facing 5.0 MP camera, Mini-USB 2.0 port, Micro-HDMI, same size, same weight, same basic controls – (although if the renders can be trusted, the face buttons appear to be shaped like a d-pad now, sadly).  But there are differences.

The main upgrades between this and the G18A are faster CPU (1.2 Ghz from 1.0 Ghz) the Virtual Mapping feature so more games will work with the controls, upgrade from Android 2.3 to 4.0 standard (the G18A supported it, but shipped with 2.3), and the no-Internet-needed local WiFi play, they call it “Kumite function”. There’s also a “new private mold” – although the renders look nearly identical (aside from the aforementioned d-pad inspired face buttons). And they improved the heat emission, so it won’t be as warm in your hands. (The back of my G18A does tend to feel a might warm after extended use – but not where you naturally hold it – just on the back center.)

Both WillGoo and Yinlips seem to point out the “Dual Stereo Loud Speakers” as if that was a new feature, but the 18A has dual speakers as well.  Maybe they aren’t actually stereo (as in both speakers playing the same thing instead of 2 channels)?  I don’t know, (they seem to be stereo on my G18A).

No word on if the “Analog” slider nub is truly analog or not.  If you get one and find out, please let us know in the comments below.

The one feature that really makes me want to upgrade from my not-3-month-old G18A is the virtual key mapping. I’m sure that could be added to the G18A through a firmware upgrade, but I don’t know if Yinlips will be offering that, since it would take away the incentive to buy a new one. We shall see.

If you are interested, you can check out the good folks over at WillGoo for more information and to order yours.

Just so you know – you can blame any typos or grammar issues or inaccuracies on the new guy. I’m Chad. Nice to meet you.

Yinlips YDPG16 Now Available!

Tired of the knock-off PSP shells that JXD keep using in their Android handhelds? Well maybe the Yinlips YDPG16 is the one for you then. I covered this rather tasty looking device a while ago when it was available for pre-order, but as of today they have 90 units in stock, ready and waiting to be sent out.

Tempted? Head on over to to grab yourself a new toy.

Yinlips Rehouse the YDPG18, Behold The YDPG16

Up on Willgoo is a listing for another Yinlips machine running Android 2.3. Immediate hardware differences between this and the YDPG18 are hard to spot, but it seems as though it’s housing a smaller screen (4.3″) possibly running at 480×272. There is also no mention of the Mali400 GPU for this device but it is advertised as running the same Boxchip A10 as it’s predecessor, which we know (sort of) to be a Cortex A8 @800Mhz and a Mali400 GPU @400Mhz – the culmination of which equals the advertised 1.2Ghz (cheeky, eh?).

The item is listed as pre-order for now, so if you’re interested it might be worth waiting to see if anywhere else lists it cheaper in the near future. I’ve held off buying one of these new Android handhelds so far because I’m waiting for a couple of things – mainly an analog stick that doesn’t just replicate dpad buttons, and also a more responsive touchscreen (resistive or otherwise). A completely new, bug free Android build wouldn’t go amiss either.


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